Suzhou Hua Su Ya Wharton Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Hua Su Ya Wharton Medical Technology Co. Ltd., a member of Wharton Group (stock abbreviation: Huaya Wharton, stock code: 834423), is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and sales of medical science and technology. It has a powerful research team and R&D capacity, dedicated to medical equipment technology research and product development.

Driven by the financial forces of Wharton Group, Huaya Wharton adopts the industrial development pattern of promoting the industry with finance and technology. It gives priority to exploring the markets of medical science and biotechnology. It expands and improves the whole industry chain of health care and biotech equipment, realizes integrated operation of product R&D, production, sales and service, with the goal of building itself into a global leading high-tech enterprise.

Wharton Group is a large investment and financing conglomerate with a diversified operation system. Its investment areas are: industries relating to mass consumption, big data and modern new economy, including scarce resources, new energy, environmental protection industry, high technology, exotic materials, culture and entertainment, leisure and health, high-tech manufacturing, asset management, and light capitalization of heavy assets.

By taking the industry model of finance driving industrial development and creating a profitable system of “PE fund (convoy)+hedging transaction + value management”, the Wharton Group has formed an endogenous cycle of consumption ecosphere, encompassing mass consumption, big data and large platform. Wharton Group is willing to promote the innovative development of various industries, leading more members of Wharton to list on global capital markets, including A-shares Market, NEEQ, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and overseas capital markets, such as stock and commodities exchanges in the United States, Britain, Australia, etc.