Wharton Information Technology(Hunan) Co., Ltd.

A member of the Wharton Group, Wharton Information Technology(Hunan) Co., Ltd. (Stock abbreviation: “Wharton Stock”), (formerly Youxu Technology); Stock code: 831440) was established in 2009 with a registered capital of 30 million yuan.? It is a leading IT service provider in the country with leading technical expertise, constantly making innovations to serve nearly 400 large industrial clients.? It was listed on the NEEQ in December 2014.

With financial support from Wharton Group, Wharton Stock has realized tremendous forward leap developments, and expanded, on a high scale level, the operational mode of promoting industry with finance focused technology. On the basis of the original business model which was “IT maintenance service”and data center construction service”, Wharton Stock has transformed itself to developing cloud data centers, smart cities, data and business disaster redundancy solutions, information safety, custom software development, software technology service and industrial investment.

Wharton Group is a large investment and financing conglomerate with a diversified operational system. Its investment areas are: industries relating to mass consumption, big data and modern new economy, scarce resources, clean energy, environmental protection industry, high technology, advanced materials, culture and entertainment, leisure and health, high-tech manufacturing, asset management, and light capitalization of heavy assets.

Wharton Group promotes innovation and development in various industries leading more members of the group to land on the A-share Market, NEEQ , Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and the overseas capital markets, such as stock and commodities exchanges in the United States, Britain, Australia, etc.?

Technology Strength

The Company has approximately 100 employees, of which more than 60% are highly qualified technical engineers with the highest level technical expert certifications issued by IBM, EMC, Vmware, Oracle, HP, ITIL, CISP, Microsoft, Symantec, Cisco, Huawei, H3C, Lenovo, Dell. Among them, there are a number of senior engineers with more than 10 years IT construction experience, specializing in providing IT architecture and information consulting services for customers. In 2016, Wharton Stock devoted more resources to the recruitment and development of a team of industry leading experts. Wharton Stock recruited a number of high-end talent, both domestic and overseas, to create the leading professional IT team in China.

Position in Industry

By the end of early 2016, Wharton Stock had provided IT, maintenance support, and cloud data center construction services to a total of nearly 400 industrial clients. They include over 200 clients with an annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan, and over 100 government organizations and public service institutions at the provincial and municipal levels. Wharton is the industry leader with the number of customers and breadth of services far more than those of any competitor. The businesses involve communications, government and utilities, finance and insurance, electricity, tobacco, energy and heavy industry, medicine and health care, retail and circulation, media and education, etc. Wharton has received great praise and approval from customers, establishing the Wharton brand synonymous as the best in field. It has gradually stepped into the list of first choice IT integrated services providers for government organizations and enterprises in the country.

Development Direction

In the future, Wharton Stock will continue to focus on the direction of integrating finance and technology to promote industrial development, specializing in IT industrial development. It will abide by the concept of “service innovation, and pragmatic rejuvenation” to create an excellent service system of professionalism and integrity, consolidating and strengthening its market position. It will create a harmonious and mutually respectful working atmosphere for the employees. It will provide a reciprocal and mutually beneficial cooperation platform for business partners. It is enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings and actively assumes corporate social responsibilities and obligations. It strives to become an influential and respected listed enterprise in the domestic IT industry. In the future, all the industries, regions and enterprises will be pleased to choose quality IT products and services of Wharton Stock.

Official website of Wharton Information Technology(Hunan) Co., Ltd. :www.wharton831440.com